Project Transform

Content production is Cochrane's core business and our global network of contributors is our greatest asset. Over the next three years, Project Transform will work with the wider Cochrane community to improve the way people, processes, and  technologies come together to produce Cochrane content. We will work within the framework of Strategy to 2020 and in collaboration with other Cochrane projects to pilot, refine and scale up innovations in content production.

The project will:

  • deliver significant benefits for Cochrane Review production and updating
  • improve our impact and topic coverage
  • enhance the engagement, retention, and experience of contributors.  

Project Transform will address four key challenges in content production through four interlinked project components:

  1. Evidence Pipeline - finding relevant research in a timely and reliable way
  2. Getting Involved - developing pathways for potential new contributors
  3. Task Exchange - increasing the efficiency of working collaboratively
  4. Production Models - ensuring our content is relevant and up to date

The Project Transform team is led by Dr Julian Elliott, Senior Research Fellow at the Australasian Cochrane Centre (ACC). The Task Exchange and Production  Models components are being led by Dr Tari Turner, Senior Research  Fellow at the ACC, and the project is managed by Melissa Murano, Business Manager at the ACC. The Project Transform team comprises leading Cochrane contributors, key group representatives, and members of Cochrane's  Editorial Unit, Informatics and Knowledge Management Department, and Central Executive Team. The Cochrane Steering Group approved Project Transform for funding (2015-2017) as part of the Cochrane Game Changer initiative. 

Visit the Project Transform website for more information and details on how you can get involved in this exciting project.