Australian Living Evidence Consortium

Over the last five years, Cochrane and a number of Australian and international partners have developed the foundations of the Living Evidence model of evidence synthesis and dissemination. This world-leading approach harnesses innovations in data systems, machine learning and co-production to enable near real-time updating of systematic reviews, evidence-based guideline recommendations and other evidence products. 

The Australian Living Evidence Consortium was established in May 2018 to bring together leading experts in evidence synthesis, automation technologies, guideline development, consumer engagement and knowledge translation who are committed to making the task of finding, analysing, interpreting and using evidence faster, more efficient and more effective.

Our mission is to ensure that patients, clinicians and policymakers have access to reliable, up-to-date evidence to inform health care decisions.

Our vision is a national system that delivers reliable, evidence-based summaries of the latest research to point-of-care in near real-time, driving better care and health outcomes. 

We aim to:

  • Build capacity for delivering up-to-date, reliable systematic reviews and evidence-based guidelines in Australia using Living Evidence platforms, processes and partnerships
  • Accelerate the potential for innovative technologies to enable new research to drive better health outcomes and better value healthcare in Australia
  • Evaluate the health and economic impact of implementing a Living Evidence model in Australia.
  • Position Australia at the forefront of global efforts to deliver continuously updated evidence-based recommendations to patients, clinicians and policymakers.

Development of the consortium has been led by Cochrane Australia and leverages existing partnerships with organisations working in evidence synthesis or guideline development in the fields of diabetes, stroke, kidney disease and musculoskeletal conditions. 

Driven by key demonstration projects, over the next 3-5 years the consortium will have a central coordination and facilitation role in:

Capacity Building 

  • Developing a critical mass of expertise in Living Evidence technologies and processes
  • Promoting shared learning
  • Fostering communication and collaboration

Core Program Development and Coordination

  • Attracting funding for living evidence platforms and systems development
  • Supporting the development, delivery and dissemination of living systematic reviews and living guideline recommendations
  • Facilitating access to living evidence platforms and systems

Thought Leadership

  • Supporting national policy development 
  • Providing international leadership 


  • Coordinating joint advocacy
  • Developing brand and track record
  • Evaluating return on investment