Cochrane Australia has a program of research exploring effective ways to inform healthcare decisions through the uptake of evidence. This includes projects investigating the synthesis, interpretation, dissemination and implementation of research evidence for clinical practice and policy.

To date, our research has been nested in a variety of clinical areas, with a focus on chronic conditions where the healthcare burden is large. We have completed projects in men's health, musculoskeletal health, maternal and child health, and are currently undertaking in neonatal infection, traumatic brain injury and dementia.

Through our research program, we aim to:

  • Contribute to effective methods of bringing about improved clinical practice and health policy through interventions to increase the uptake of evidence 
  • Contribute to reliable methods for conducting systematic reviews 
  • Contribute to informing researchers and disseminators of evidence about framing their research in ways that increases relevance to those making decisions about health care (consumers, practitioners and policymakers) 
  • Produce practical and effective tools to promote global access to reliable health care information