Review Groups and Satellites

Cochrane's organisational structure features review groups, centres, fields and methods groups. Collectively these groups support the mission of the organisation and prepare Cochrane reviews.

The Cochrane Review Groups focus on particular areas of health. Groups comprise contributors from around the world, and each has an editorial base that supports the preparation and maintainance of the group's systematic reviews. Some groups have established satellites to help share the work of the group, either by taking on a particular editorial function or by supporting contributors from a particular country or region. The following groups and satellites have their base in Australia: 

Review groups
>  Acute Respiratory Infections, Gold Coast - @CochraneARI 
>  Breast Cancer, Sydney - @CochraneBCancer
>  Consumers and Communication, Melbourne - @CochraneCCRG
>  Kidney and Transplant, Sydney - @CochraneKidney
>  Public Health, Melbourne  - @CochranePH

Satellites of Cochrane review groups 
>  Airways, Hobart - @CochraneAirways
>  Effective Practice and Organisation of Care, Melbourne - @CochraneEPOC
>  Muskuloskeletal, Melbourne - @CochraneMSK
>  Neonatal, Sydney - @Cochraneneonat
>  Pregnancy and Childbirth, Adelaide - @CochranePregnancy

Fields identify health issues of importance to specific populations and/or intervention types, support knowledge translation iniatives among particluar groups of health professionals, and contribute to reviews across all relevant review groups. The Nursing Care Field is based in Adelaide.

Cochrane methods groups provide advice and support in the development of the methods of systematic reviews, such as statistical methods and information retrieval. There are three methods groups with Australian convenors: the Prognosis Methods Group and Prospective Meta-Analysis Methods Group based in Sydney, and the Statistical Methods Group based in Melbourne.