Short course - ACROBAT-NRSI

Two days


Course description

The training event will describe the background, rationale and structure of ACROBAT-NRS and train participants in its application. 

Intended audience

This course is targeted at experienced review authors, methodologists and editors, with knowledge of the existing Cochrane ‘Risk of bias’ tool and ideally previous training in epidemiological methods.

ACROBAT-NRS draws heavily on core epidemiological principles, e.g. the accepted advantages and disadvantages of different study designs, their susceptibility to bias in different domains, circumstances that give rise to confounding (both at recruitment into a study and during follow-up), methods to adjust findings for confounding and their limitations.  Trainers will assume that participants understand these principles, alluding to them (but not describing them in detail) in their lectures in order to explain the rationale for the tool. 

Course content

IT requirements

Teaching time and style
The course will run from 9 am till 4pm each day.  All participants will be provided with a workbook.  Morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea are provided. 

The training will be divided into sessions covering different bias domains. Each session will consist of a short lecture, followed by small group work where participants will apply the relevant parts of the tool for the domain to one or two examples.  This will be followed by a feedback session in which participants’ responses will be compared to those of the trainers.

Course fee:
$660 (inclusive of GST)

Recommended reading

  • Papers for appraisal will be distributed for reading prior to the course.
  • Participants are encouraged to pre-read the guide to the appraisal tool:
    • Stern JAC, Higgins JPT, Reeves BC on behalf of the development group for ACROBAT-NRSI. A Cochrane Risk Of Bias Assessment Tool; for Non-Randomized Studies of Interventions (ACROPBAT-NRSI), Version 1.0.0, 24 September 2014. Available from

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