Saskia Cheyne

Saskia Cheyne is a Research Fellow in Living Evidence Methods at Cochrane Australia. Saskia has a keen interest in prospective and living approaches to evidence synthesis, clinical practice guideline development and health technology assessments (HTA).

Saskia is an active member of the Guidelines International Network (GIN) Updating Guidelines Working Group and the Australian Living Evidence Consortium, as well as an Associate Convenor for the Cochrane Prospective Meta-analysis (PMA) Methods Group. She has been involved in development of methodology and worked extensively on evidence reviews, including intervention, prognostic, diagnostic, qualitative and surveillance reviews, of RCT and observational evidence. 

Saskia previously worked as a Senior Evidence Officer for the National COVID-19 Clinical Evidence Taskforce, where she was Methods Co-Chair of 3 clinical panels, Care of Older People and Palliative Care, Critical Care and Hospital and Acute Care. Prior to joining Monash University Saskia worked at NHMRC Clinical Trials Centre at the University of Sydney undertaking evidence reviews for HTAs and guidelines. Saskia also work for the National Insitute of Health and Care Excellence (NICE) in the UK as a Research Fellow and Project Manager conducting evidence reviews to inform clinical guideline development and co-ordinating the development of the full guideline ensuring they ran smoothly, to time, quality and scope. Saskia also interned at the WHO while undertaking her MSc in Global Health at Maastricht University and has a BSc in Psychology from the ANU.