Cochrane Community Awards 2020 - submissions closing 31 August

Every year Cochrane awards members of its Community with a range of prizes that highlight high-quality methodological research through to supporting health decision-making in developing countries, and contributors who have made a significant contribution to the organization. Despite the cancellation of our annual Colloquia this year, nominations are sought for the following awards until Monday 31 August.

Winners and award prizes during the virtual AGM this year planned for 12 November 2020 (ime to be confirmed). If you know anyone who you think should be considered in the following categories you can nominate them here.  

Anne Anderson Award: awarded to a female member of Cochrane who has made a significant contribution to the enhancement and visibility of women's participation within Cochrane.

Bill Silverman Prize: awarded to acknowledge the value of constructive criticism of Cochrane, to improve our work, thereby helping people make well-informed decisions about health care.

Chris Silagy Prize: awarded to an individual who has made an 'extraordinary' contribution to the work of Cochrane which would not be recognised outside the scope of this prize.

Kenneth Warren Prize: awarded to the principal author of whichever Cochrane Review authored by a national living in a developing country is judged to be both of high methodological quality and relevant to health problems in developing countries.

You can view more information on each of the prizes, and past winners here.

Please contact Lydia Parsonson at for further details.